HIMSS Co-Signs Letters to House and Senate in Support of FY17 AHRQ Funding

On October 12th, HIMSS joined 168 organizations in sending letters to the leadership of the House and SenateAppropriations Committees urging them to protect the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) budget from further cuts in any final FY17 spending legislation.  The current short term resolution to fund the government, including AHRQ, will expire on December 9th and Congress will need to pass another funding bill through the end of FY 2017.

"We urge you to protect AHRQ from additional cuts—providing the agency at least $334 million in FY 2017—because it isn't enough to develop cures. Understanding how to most effectively and efficiently deliver cures to patients through health services research is a critical component on the health research continuum, and one that has implications for health care quality, cost, access and ultimately patient outcomes," the letters states.

AHRQ provides essential sources of data that support efforts to improve quality and reduce cost in the nation's health care system.  More specifically, AHRQ's Health IT Portfolio develops and disseminates evidence to inform policy and practice on how health information technology can improve the quality of health care.

HIMSS has joined the "Friends of AHRQ" in sending several similar letters in support of the agency during previous appropriations cycles.