Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Volume 22, Spring 2018

Volume 22, Spring 2018
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Spring 2018
ISSN # 1089-9758 Indexed in CINAHL © 1996 – 2018

Featuring the work of:

Haresh L. Bhatia, Neal R. Patel, Catherine H. Ivory, Phillip W. Stewart, Kim M. Unertl, Christoph U. Lehmann, Suzanne Fredericks, Jennifer L. Lapum, and Franklin Gorospe, Kimberly R. Powell, Carole R. Myers, Nancy L. Laplante, Phillip A. Laplante, M.Eng, Jeffrey M. Voas, Philip John Shields, June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c), and • Kathleen M. Hunter, PhD, RN-BC.

OJNI Virtual Award:

OJNI Virtual Award: • Kathleen M. Hunter, PhD, RN-BC (Gold)
Hunter, K.



OJNI adds spark to the excitement of HIMSS18!
Kaminski, J.


Capturing and Evaluating Process Semantics from Front-Line Nurses: A Pilot Study
Shields, P.

Could the Internet of Things Be Used to Enhance Student Nurses’ Experiences in a Disaster Simulation?
Laplante, N., Laplante, P., Eng,M. Voas, J.

Electronic Patient Portals: Patient and Provider Perceptions
Powell, K., Myers, .

Examining the characteristics of health-related gaming interventions among congenital heart disease patients: A scoping review
Fredericks, S., Lapum, J., and Gorospe F.

Medication Process Compliance in Pediatric Inpatients – Time to the First
Bhatia, H., Patel, N., Ivory, C., Stewart, P., Unertl, K., Lehmann, C.