Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Volume 23, Winter 2019

Volume 23, Winter 2019
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Winter 2019
ISSN # 1089-9758 Indexed in CINAHL © 1996 – 2019

Featuring the work of:

Kaminski, J., Georgsson, M., Rowe, S., Carroll, W., McCleerey, M., Jahrsdoerfer, M., Belcher, T., Vess, J., Johnson, E., Collins, R., Nation, J., Wangia-Anderson, V., Paul, L. & Moreno-Perez, A.



Joining the call for Champions of Health-Unite!
Kaminski, J.

Senior Editor Column

Improving the uptake and continued use of mobile health technology: From behavioral change theory to contextual intervention design and the inclusion of the end-user
Georgsson, M.

From Paper to Electronic in Multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)
Rowe, S.

Artificial Intelligence, Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process
Carroll, W.


Vendor Support of the Expanded Role of the CNIO
McCleerey, M.

Clinical Surveillance, A Concept Analysis: Leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics to anticipate patient deterioration. Bringing theory in practice.
Jahrsdoerfer, M.

Using Patient Portal Messaging to Improve Glycemic Control in Adult Patients with Diabetes in Saudi Arabia
Belcher, T., Vess, J., Johnson, E.

Student Articles

Nurses’ Perceived Usefulness of Secure Texting Applications for the Purpose of Patient Care
Collins, R.

Applying the Data-Knowledge-Information-Wisdom framework to a Usability Evaluation of Electronic Health Record System for Nursing Professionals
Nation, J., & Wangia-Anderson, V.