Distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace and expand your career opportunities.

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Certification: CAHIMS, CPHIMS and CPDHTS

Demonstrate your expertise and experience as a health information and technology professional with CAHIMS® , CPHIMS®  or CPDHTS® certification from HIMSS. In a field experiencing vast change, it’s important to possess a standard body of knowledge and an up-to-date skillset. HIMSS certifications show you’re well informed and well prepared for what’s next in your career.

What are the HIMSS Certifications?

The Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) certification is a pathway for expanding and diversifying industry knowledge for both early careerists and those with more experience.

The Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) is a certification program for experienced professionals, acknowledging and honoring their proven expertise and commitment to the field.

The Certified Professional in Digital Health Transformation Strategy (CPDHTS) is a certification program designed to demonstrate your knowledge and competence in digital health transformation strategy – including person-enabled health, measurement and improvement, and strategy, governance and organizational management.  

Please refer to our CPDHTS page for an important notice regarding this program.

Watch this informational video from the HIMSS professional certification staff to learn more about these certifications.

Why should you get certified?

Receiving a HIMSS certification demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the profession and that you have reached a milestone in your career development.

  • Distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Expand your career opportunities.
  • Validate your knowledge, competency and credibility.
  • Gain skills and tools to help you make a difference in your organization and community.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Reinforce sustainability in periods of transition.
  • Use of certification marks and digital badges in your professional materials
  • Highlight your certification with inclusion in the HIMSS Certification Directory
  • Receive priority in HIMSS Certification Opportunities

Certification Process

To apply to take a certification exam, complete the online application. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility, and candidates will be contacted with next steps.

Certification exams are administered at select testing centers and HIMSS events, and candidates receive their results before leaving. All candidates must apply and receive an Eligibility ID# before making a test reservation.

Questions?  Reach out to us at certification@himss.org.

Certification Renewal

Certification credential renewal is every three years for the CAHIMS and CPHIMS; and every two years for the CPDHTS. To renew your certification, either retake and pass the examination or submit a renewal application.