Health Information Exchange

Achieving Smarter Query-Based Exchange On-Demand Webinar

View the on-demand webinar from the HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community for a deep dive with health information exchanges (HIEs) from across the country as they share the challenges they are tackling in the effort to enhance query-based exchange as a vital component for both episodic and longitudinal care. As a key element of interoperability, query-based exchange of health data is a core capability of existing health information networks. This type of exchange allows providers to seek and find health information on an individual who may be unfamiliar to them to deliver critical, and often unplanned care. This discussion explores what achieving smarter query-based exchange could mean for the patient and for the future of nationwide, interoperable health information exchange.

Learning Objectives

After this on-demand webinar, attendees should be able to: 

  • Describe the barriers faced by HIEs in diverse geographic locations to better enable query-based exchange and allow accurate health information to be leveraged at the point of care
  • Recognize the needs of the patient in the effort to improve information exchange and discuss how these HIEs can improve patient safety, quality of care and experience


  • Marilee Benson, President, Zen Healthcare IT
  • Lisa Nelson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Principal Informaticist, MaxMD
  • Erick Maddox, Executive Director, Reliance eHealth Collaborative
  • Candice Titus, Associate Director of Interoperability, Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)
  • Jill Eisenstein, CEO & President, Rochester RHIO
  • Andrea Richardson, CIO, Rochester RHIO/HealthVantics
  • Leslie Kelly Hall, Founder, Engaging Patient Strategy

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