Population and Public Health

Bringing Technology Where It Is Needed Most

Join us for a discussion that examines the role of technology in ensuring access to care in hard-to-reach areas around the world. This on-demand webinar focuses on solutions to access-to-care challenges caused by circumstances like migration patterns, low income and other resource constrains or workforce shortages. We will explore examples of digital health solutions that have proven successful in combatting barriers and outline steps toward advancing care in a manner that brings the future of digital health technology into reach for everyone.


  • Daniel Colling, BSN, BSc, RN, Global Head Healthcare Industry Solutions & Practice, HP Inc.
  • Yahya Shaikh, MD, Principal Scientist, Connected Health Systems, MITRE, Washington DC
  • Mazin Gadir, PhD, Msc Beng, PMP, Director, PPG Management and Partnerships, IQVIA, UAE
  • Bariah Dardari, MD ABP ABIHM FAAP, and Refugee Medicine Specialist, Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai 
  • Moderator Fran Ayalasomayajula, MPH, MSMIS, PMP, President, Reach Healthcare, California

This webinar was sponsored by HP Healthcare Industry Solutions & Practice in collaboration with the HIMSS Global Health Policy Connection.

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