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Definition of Customer Relationship Management Technology in Healthcare

The HIMSS Exploring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology for Healthcare Task Force is focused on defining CRM in healthcare and identifying how it can be used in this era of interoperability and value-based care.

The HIMSS Dictionary of Health Information Technology Terms, Acronyms, and Organizations defines CRM as “The approach of establishing relationships with customers on an individual basis, then using collected information about customers and their buying habits to treat different customers differently.” 

Definition of CRM Technology in Healthcare

The HIMSS Exploring CRM Technology for Healthcare Task Force has defined CRM in healthcare as the following:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in healthcare is an organization-wide strategy for managing an organization’s interactions with its patients and their supporting infrastructure, suppliers, providers, and/or employees using CRM technologies. It seeks to optimize the way we establish and nurture meaningful and sustainable relationships in efforts to enhance patient experience, improve population health, reduce costs and improve the work life of healthcare providers – ultimately leading to increased trust in and loyalty to the organization.

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