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Digital Excellence in Healthcare: APAC Case Studies Volume Five

The fifth and final issue of Digital Excellence in Healthcare: APAC Case Studies reveals a bright future for Asia-Pacific’s healthcare scene. Healthcare providers in the region continue to make strides in digitalisation, achieving significant digital health milestones in the process.

A stellar case of the application of mobile technologies is the focus of the first case study in this report. During its recent validation for Stage 6 of the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital demonstrated a new mobile process that has enabled it to save more than 15,000 minutes per week from signing badges as part of EMR regulations in the country.

A staple in the DEHC reports, Samsung Medical Center from South Korea, remains at the head of the global pack of digitally mature hospitals – now with an addition to its digital health achievements. It recently achieved a validation for Stage 6 of the HIMSS Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM), which is also an APAC first. The report highlights its use of analytics through the DOCC PAN system to significantly reduce wait times for booking imaging tests.

Also emerging as a global model smart hospital is China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan.
Coming off ranking third worldwide in the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator in 2022, the hospital managed to secure three HIMSS validations this year: Stage 7 for the HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), Stage 7 for the EMRAM, and Stage 6 AMAM.

The final case study comes from An-Nisa Hospital in Indonesia, recognised for its ingenuity. As the busiest 100-bed hospital in Indonesia, An-Nisa has successfully developed an integrated in-house EMR and HIS, which now serves as the bedrock of its digitalisation journey.

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