HIMSS Healthcare Leadership Survey

HIMSS Market Insights conducted research, sponsored by Philips, among healthcare executives, IT/technology leaders, and clinicians in late 2022 to understand their outlook on organizational transformation and their readiness for the future. Despite healthcare organizations having been heavily impacted by the economy and clinician burnout over the past two years, 70% feel their organizations’ leadership is well equipped to advance their organizations in the next 1-2 years. Top priorities within that time frame include cybersecurity and improving the staff experience.

Increased operating costs, labor shortage and understaffing are just some of the issues survey participants identified as challenges to their healthcare organizations. Examining the roadblocks and challenges, as well as the defined metrics for success, helps leaders align their priorities and helps them create a strategy to support organizational transformation and future readiness.

Explore the detailed findings of this survey below.

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Healthcare Leadership: The State of Organizational Transformation and Future Readiness

Compare your organization’s state of organizational transformation and readiness to the research benchmark and identify roadblocks in your healthcare organization to align your goals and priorities and prepare for the future. Explore the detailed findings of this survey in this on-demand webinar.

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