The Importance for the Healthcare Industry to Establish Universal Patient Identifier Webinar

The implementation of the HITECH Act of 2009 has resulted in a large-scale effort to digitize health data. However, without a universal patient identifier, data interoperability between all constituents that make up the healthcare marketplace is not feasible. To achieve this interoperability of data, a universal patient identifier that will efficiently and accurately link health data at scale to improve patient safety and reduce mistaken identity involved with medical procedures. 

This webinar discusses how universal patient identifiers and current legislative updates, impacts across the industry and how to will improve the healthcare experience for patients and providers.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the role of the HITECH ACT of 2009 to digitize health data.
  • Define the term universal patient identifier and its role within digitized records.
  • Outline how a universal patient identifier will efficiently and accurately link health data to support patient safety.
  • Report the legislative progress in the pharmacy industry to transmit universal patient identifier through the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs standards.


Victoria Dames, Senior Director Product Management, Experian Health

John W. Hill, MBAHCM, CNED, Executive Vice President and GM, National Council for Prescription Drug Programs

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are available for this webinar.

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