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Innovation in Healthcare Insights eBook

Across the globe we are facing great challenges and are in pressing need of innovation in healthcare to reimagine and reform how health can be sustained, and improved care can be equally delivered.

Globally, populations are ageing rapidly, the burden of non-communicable diseases is getting heavier and heavier, patient/citizen expectations are rising, funding models are under increasing stress and the worldwide shortage of health professionals is growing. Health systems are finding incremental innovation is not solving problems fast enough or on a scale large enough to keep up with growing demand. We have all realized that adding technology alone will not solve the challenges. As the formula reminds us:

NT + OO = COO - New Technology plus Old Organization equals Costly Old Organization.

The use of information must mature faster than before, and the exchange of data has to be reimagined from a seamless outside-in perspective in order to take full advantage of an exploding knowledge management capability which will be increasingly dependent on cloud-based architectures utilizing artificial intelligence.

To succeed, we must all tap into the global ecosystem and find the best practices of where innovation in healthcare is succeeding at scale. The HIMSS Insights Series focused eBooks is a vehicle to share the vision of global thought-leaders, to highlight exemplary initiatives on new processes, workforce development programs and rising technologies that can be adapted to the unique environment of individual systems, hospitals and health at home, and to promote meaningful conversations on digital health.

Our mutual goal is to enable each person’s ever-improving state of health and wellness. This will happen by fully realizing the potential of information and technology to create an ever-increasing informed and empowered global community of innovators, care providers and patients.

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