Population and Public Health

The New Clinical Research Paradigm post-COVID and Beyond

Now that the worst of the crisis has dissipated, it is time to audit COVID studies and implement best practices based on lessons learned. In this on-demand webinar, Explore some of the common challenges for research sites and investigators in this new research environment, privacy considerations arising in telehealth and what must be done about any lingering non-compliance going forward. We also discuss additional sponsor strategies for better oversight of research on COVID and other disease conditions. This session examines what we have learned about doing research in a crisis setting and how we can avoid compliance pitfalls in our future research.

Learning Objectives

  • How to address potential compliance issues in decentralized clinical trials
  • Telehealth and ongoing remote monitoring considerations
  • Government requirements and expectations related to privacy in the telehealth environment
  • Focus on recruitment of underserved communities


  • Linda A. Malek, Partner - Moses & Singer LLP, Chair of the Healthcare and Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Groups Partner
  • F. Lisa Murtha, Partner, Moses & Singer LLP
  • Cason Schmit, JD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management at Texas A&M University


  • Elaine Zacharakis, Health, Privacy & Technology Attorney

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