Population and Public Health

Tackling Immunization Interoperability Challenges

Walk through the process of how immunization interoperability challenges are identified, selected and tackled by data exchange partners with diverse perspectives. The Immunization Integration Program (IIP) has highlighted current and future efforts, as well as program strategies to improve immunization interoperability.


  • Immunization Data from Pharmacies: Address bi-directional immunization data exchange challenges between pharmacies and immunization information systems (IIS). Efforts launch with a landscape analysis to understand interoperability challenges and identify immunization-related capabilities for the IIP Testing & Recognition initiative to consider for future testing of pharmacy market suppliers.
  • Immunization Submissions Prior to the Assignment of a Legal Baby Name: Identify best practices and triggers for sending demographic update messages to the IIS once a legal name is assigned.
  • Triggers that Prompt Submission or Query Messages from EHRs to IIS: Develop and promote appropriate triggers for IIS queries and submissions aimed to reduce burden on the IIS and support point of care and public health decision making.

The IIP, a collaborative partnership between CDC, AIRA and HIMSS, has selected its priority immunization interoperability issues to address in 2023. The IIP convenes a diverse group of leaders representing clinicians, EHR market suppliers, IIS, public health, health information exchanges (HIEs) and other key partners to improve immunization interoperability and health IT immunization capabilities.

Learning Objectives

After this event, attendees should be able to:

  • Gain insight into strategic vision of the CDC in relation to immunization interoperability
  • Learn how partnerships and collaboration identified high priority immunization interoperability challenges to be addressed by the IIP
  • Understand how the IIP is an applied example of healthcare and public health interoperability
  • Learn how to get involved with the IIP


  • Moderator: Christina Caraballo, MBA, HIMSS
  • Kafayat Adeniyi, MPH, CDC’s Immunization Information Systems Support Branch
  • Melissa McClung, MSPH, American Immunization Registry Association
  • Kristin Glaza, Senior Manager, Oracle Cerner
  • David McCormick, Director, Immunization Division, Indiana Department of Health

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