November 29 - December 2, 2020
| Digital


National Health Informatics Scientific Committee, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
Chairman of Family and Community Medicine Department, King Saud University

- A practicing consultant and associate professor of clinical informatics and family medicine, Chairman of the family & community medicine department at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

- Holds three boards in family practice and a Master of Biomedical & health informatics from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.

- Founding program director of the Master of Health Informatics at King Saud University in the period 2012-2017.

- General Secretariat Consultant for e-Learning, and digital transformation and the chairman of the National Health Informatics scientific committee in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties since 2016.

- Board member of the National Center for Health Information and The National Center for Evidence-based Health Practice, Saudi Health Council, Riyadh.

- Contributed to publishing two books, three book-chapters, 27 original articles, 18 abstracts.