Accelerate Health

Bold thinking will get you everywhere.

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It’s time for a bold approach to healthcare innovation.

In healthcare, innovation isn’t an option—it’s a requirement. Embrace the power of bold thinking to transform care delivery with Accelerate Health: the innovation hub of HIMSS.

Harness the passion of possibility.

Accelerate Health provides an active, supportive community to help organizations and market suppliers unlock value and overcome systemic challenges around innovation. Get an insider’s look at innovation strategy—where it’s happening, who’s leading the charge, and how to collaborate with the right people.

  • Be part of an active, supportive community of unconventional thinkers and measured risk-takers.
  • Explore resources for all stages of the innovation lifecycle—from ideation and development to adoption and scalability.
  • Engage in year-round content, services and events, all focused on the power of big ideas and a fail-fast mentality to transform care delivery.
  • Connect with disruptors and thought leaders around the world, and collaborate to drive what’s next for health.


Accelerate Health envisions a healthcare system that seamlessly incorporates connected care that reduces complexity and costs for consumers while enabling better care. We focus on three key categories of connected care:

  • Chronic disease care and management
  • Patient engagement
  • Living independently throughout disability and aging

U.S. Policy Working Group

Convened by Accelerate Health, the U.S. Policy Working Group comprises active industry leaders—including  providers, academics, government officials and tech vendors—who meet monthly to advance HIMSS innovation policy work. The group is committed to supporting, pursuing and expanding federal and state policies that advance evidence-based, interoperable connected care.

The U.S. Policy Working Group has identified the following objectives to support and advance for 2020–2021:

  • Improving healthcare value through adoption and coverage of evidence-based connected care:
    • Quality, safety and outcomes improvement
    • Health cost savings
    • Administrative efficiency
    • Interoperable exchange of actionable information between patients and providers
  • Supporting consumer engagement for improved health, wellness and independence through use of connected care technologies:
    • Simplify navigating healthcare delivery for patients
    • Patient/caregiver-centered care and communications
    • Engage patients/caregivers for self-care and health engagement strategies
    • Bidirectional communication based on patient needs


Accelerate Health’s quarterly research reports feature insights on emerging markets, consumer preferences, new models of care and overall healthcare innovation best practices to help fuel organizations’ go-to market strategies, long-term planning and more.

Consumer Perspectives on Telehealth
Our first report, Consumer Perspectives on Telehealth, explores the new normal” as governments, companies and healthcare providers are coming to grips with a seismic shift in care delivery.