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IIP Testing and Recognition Initiative


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Improve immunization data exchange by advancing capabilities and functionality.

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Enhance data quality from the point of care
to public health.

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Enhance data quality from the point of care to public health.

Test Plan Capabilities

Eight groups of workflow-related functional requirements to be tested and recognized.

Care Provision and Documentation

Supports end users to prepare, administer, and record care provision.

Query, Response, and Reconciliation

Supports end users to query, reconcile, and view from an immunization registry (IIS).

Transmission and Acknowledgment

Supports transmission of newly documented patient immunization records to the immunization registry (IIS).

Patient Access

Allows patients or their caregivers to access immunization records most frequently using a patient portal.

Clinical Configuration

Supports adding a new vaccine to the EHR.


Supports the ability of the EHR to send and receive immunization messages with an immunization registry (IIS) using the CDC WSDL.

Data Quality Assurance

Supports basic quality checks to evaluate the EHR regarding fundamental data error prevention.

Data Load

Prepares the EHR for IIP testing.

What is IIP Testing?

  • IIP Test Plan v11.0 (June 2024) for Health IT vendors which supports advanced capabilities in immunization interoperability and data quality
  • A collaborative initiative led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA), Drummond Group and HIMSS
  • A no-cost immunization capabilities testing method enabled by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • An approved testing method for (f)(1) Transmission to immunization registries certification criteria within the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Health IT Certification Program

ONC Approved Testing Partner


IIP Recognized Vendor Testimonials

"IIP had the right set of requirements for an EHR who wants to implement excellent immunization workflows. This was important to us and seemed like a good way to get in alignment with best practices and to engage with the community who is making those best practices“
Scott Kirby
Interoperability Developer, PCC - Physicians Computer Company
“Oracle Health is proud to have participated in this public health initiative to put patients and providers first through improving immunization practices, data sharing, access to historical records and forecasts, and optimal clinical workflows.”
Kristin Glaza
Sr. Manager, Product Manager – Oracle Health (formerly Cerner)

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Products tested:

  • PCC EHR – V9.5.4 Build 22340/Clinical Version V9.5.4 Build 22340
  • PCC EHR – V9.7.1 Build 23046/Clinical Version V9.7.1 Build 23054

Passed IIP Test Plan v10.0 (March 2023) with notable exception. 

Product tested: Office Practicum OP Version 20

Passed with notable exception: IIP Test Plan 7.6 (August 2019)

Products tested: Cerner FirstNet (Immunizations) Version 2 and PowerChart Immunizations Version 10
Passed with notable exception: IIP Test Plan 5.6 (December 2017)

Product tested: Qvera Interface Engine Version 3.0.44 Build 8640

Passed without exception: IIP Test Plan 5.6 (October 2017)

Product tested: GlaceEMR Version 6.0

Passed without exception: IIP Test Plan 5.5 (September 2017)