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collect and score ideas

Collect and Score Ideas

  • Through the easily-customizable Idealy portals, stakeholders can collect and score submissions, drive awareness of innovation-based initiatives, and solicit feedback on a variety of activities from the entire organization. ​
  • More importantly, it can help you bypass the process hurdles and accelerate innovation to support your goals through one, user-friendly platform. Idealy fosters transparency and stakeholder buy-in.​




  • Designed with decision-making in mind, Idealy uses robust scoring and analysis methodologies to efficiently evaluate submissions so you can identify, and implement, great ideas and processes sooner.




  • The platform provides inter-departmental transparency and gives your organization a method for prioritizing initiatives. In essence, Idealy centralizes internal and external knowledge to power innovation.



For users

  • Simple and intuitive workflow
  • Option for users to engage via ‘likes and comments
  • Admins can track in-progress participation
  • Scorers can evaluate assigned submissions one at a time, saving progress and returning to Idealy as their schedule allows

For Organizations

  • Centralizes innovation and idea intake​
  • Adaptable to any size/scope challenge or program​
  • Ability for platform to simultaneously run multiple campaigns​
  • Democratizes idea selection/prioritization using collaborative, quantitative scoring​
  • Create custom, quantitative evaluation rules and scoring criteria​

Success Story: Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Brigham & Women’s Hospital Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) and Healthbox used Idealy to empower employees to present ideas and contribute to innovation, process improvement, and operational efficiency through the DO IT Challenge. The iHub leveraged the power of crowdsourcing to surface 240 pain points by more than 160 employees to reduce time and costs associated with administrative burden.