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Community Care Outcomes Maturity Model (C-COMM)

The foundation for better operations and population health.

Community care depends on digital systems. C-COMM is the framework for measuring the value of your digital systems and connecting all non-acute care settings. That’s how you get buy-in, deliver person-centered care, and meet patients where they are.

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What’s behind the gaps in community care?

Making non-acute systems move in lockstep isn’t easy. With different locations and care specialties, governance can fall by the wayside—impacting care delivery and outcomes. Plus providers are go-go-go, which makes change management tricky. Everyone’s dealing with sky-high caseloads, and need support with the digital transformation process.

That’s where C-COMM comes in. Our framework gives you a technical roadmap to securely capture and exchange data between healthcare settings, and guide clinical decisions with individual and population-level data. That’s how you cut down on provider burnout and make value-based investments for your entire system.


Effective care across every community setting

Here’s what C-COMM looks like in action:


Innovative solutions that benefit the community without draining resources

C-COMM helps you roll out cutting-edge healthcare tech—and save money with vendor-agnostic guidance.

Improving data access and visibility—for everyone

You’ll use digital tools to identify gaps in care—and leverage technology to meaningfully connect patients with their clinical team.

Building governance across your entire system

Our framework will help you create clear governance policies, so your care teams handle data the same way.

Measuring the value of your digital tools

You’ll get an accurate measure of digital technology’s impact on care, and measure adoption by patients and clinicians.






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Transforming outpatient care for queer communities

As a patient-centered medical home, the Los Angeles LGBT Center knows that care extends well beyond acute settings. They used C-COMM to improve access to whole-person care for the queer folks they serve in Southern California.

Guided by C-COMM, the center’s team created a vendor-agnostic digital transformation roadmap. They’re now able to support data interchange with external partners and patients, and helping providers focus in on frontline care.

Community health is everything

“C-COMM helped us understand where we’re at—and where we need to go.”
Gabriel Garcia-Lopez
Director, Los Angeles LGBT Center
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