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Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM)

Building health infrastructure is a massive leap without guidance. INFRAM gives you an evidence-based roadmap for making the right tech investments and building secure, long-term systems. With our maturity framework backing you up, you’ll earn real buy-in and improve outcomes for patients, clinicians, and operations alike.

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There’s infrastructure underneath every process in healthcare.

Hardware + software: that’s your health infrastructure—from the back office to the floor to your patients’ homes. Every part of that technical ecosystem can affect your care delivery and ability to meet strategic objectives. Patient portals arm patients with their health data, AI-powered diagnostics help clinicians make decisions, and security policies keep your systems ransomware-free. Makes sense, right?

Changing the foundations underneath isn’t easy, though. Even the most advanced health systems struggle to build and integrate new technical infrastructure. Frameworks like INFRAM bridge that gap—so you can build the right tools, develop the right workflows, and prove your infrastructure’s real value.  

Unlock your infrastructure’s full value.

Here’s what INFRAM looks like in action:


Measuring your infrastructure against industry standards

Our model gives organizations (like yours!) a straightforward assessment of your infrastructure maturity, so you can win buy-in for innovation projects.

Making change management easier

Your health system will get vendor-agnostic guidance on the infrastructure you need, and a roadmap to better operations.

Creating support for busy clinicians

Our framework helps you tie your technology investments to real improvements on the floor, so the value is crystal clear.

Codifying all your cybersecurity policies

INFRAM helps you develop a data security strategy, deploy AI threat monitoring, and develop response plans for ransomware attacks.

Cutting your system’s carbon footprint

You’ll get an evidence-backed review of your decarbonization and adaptability efforts, to help you reach total carbon neutrality by 2050.

Tackling the entire C-suite's infrastructure goals

Your tech foundation supports everything from revenue to workforce and patient experience, and INFRAM arms your whole leadership with a roadmap for change and adoption.






Want to dive deeper into infrastructure maturity?

Take it from INFRAM’s first Stage 7 system:

“Our journey is intertwined with significant milestones, having attained validation on four HIMSS maturity models. This achievement reflects our relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, collaboration, and a patient-centric future, marking a transformative shift in healthcare technology. Leading and achieving the pioneering endeavor for INFRAM Stage 7 to become the first Quadruple Stage 7 organization worldwide fills me and my team with pride, as we stand at the vanguard of history in the making. We are embarking on a new era, marked by remarkable advancements in healthcare, shaping the future."
Farukh Usmani, MD
Medical Director, Digital Technology Services at Intermountain Health
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