HIE inPractice Podcast

Episode #1: States Will Transform Healthcare


This podcast addresses the critical and essential role of states in facilitating healthcare literacy, healthcare IT adoption and heath information exchange organizations. Featuring the Honorable Jim Geringer, former Governor of Wyoming, and the Honorable Jim Douglas, former Governor of Vermont, this discussion highlights the value of healthcare IT in controlling costs and improving healthcare quality. They conclude with recommendations for state leaders, including the use of healthcare IT to improve overall population health. Recommendations and other key points can be found in the 2012 HIMSS State Advisory Roundtable white paper States Will Transform Healthcare through Health IT and HIE Organizations.

Thomas Keefe, MA, FHIMSS
Senior Director, State Government Affairs

The Honorable Jim Geringer
Former Governor, State of Wyoming (1995-2003)
Chair, HIMSS State Advisory Roundtable
The Honorable Jim Douglas
Former Governor, State of Vermont (2002-2011)
HIMSS State Advisory Roundtable