STEPS to Value Podcast

Episode #1: Why Value? Why Now?


In the inaugural episode of STEPS to Value, Rod Piechowski, Senior Director, Health Information Systems at HIMSS, serves as host and moderator. His first guest is Pat Wise, Vice President, HIS at HIMSS. They discuss why everyone in healthcare is starting to focus on value.  We also talk with Jonathan French, Director, HIS at HIMSS about the role that measuring quality against process improvement plays on value optimization strategies. We’re also joined by Margaret Schulte, lead consultant on our value collection project; she shares some specific examples of value providers have achieved.

This episode is the first of a group of podcasts designed to introduce the HIMSS value initiative and the HIMSS HIT Value STEPS™ framework. We’ll take a closer look at each of the STEPS, and hear from the people who are responsible for achieving value at their organizations. In future episodes, we will examine the relationships among value and dozens of other topics of interest, and learn how everything contributes to value.

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