HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: Current trends in Mobile Healthcare Technology


May 26, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT

The use of mobile technology within our daily lives has become habitual.  People can use their smart phone, tablet or laptop to do most everything they need, such as shopping, staying in touch with friends and family, or conducting business.  However, the use of mobile technology has not easily translated to clinician needs around providing better patient care. 

HIMSS Analytics has released the 2017 Essentials Brief: Mobile, which is a commentary on a snapshot of the current use of mobile technology, specifically smart phones and tablets.  While many might agree that mobile technology can help improve clinician communication and enhance access to needed clinical and non-clinical data, continued innovation needs to occur to improve care quality and workflow efficiencies.  HIMSS Analytics speakers Brendan FitzGerald, director of research, and Matt Schuchardt, director of business development and innovation, will provide a high level review of insight in this topic area.  Additional analysis will be provided based upon data from LOGIC™, the HIMSS Analytics market intelligence platform. The speakers will provide detail on how making data accessible and available, doing so in a secure manner, and efficiently delivering that same data whether a patient is seeking care in a rural setting or an urban one, all go toward the end goal of improving care quality.

Learning Points:
1. Learn the primary uses of mobile technology in healthcare
2. See analysis of mobile technology pain points, strengths, and weaknesses from health systems and  hospitals
3. Understand mobile technology effectiveness


Brendan FitzGerald
Director of Research
HIMSS Analytics

Matt Schuchardt
Director of Business Development and Innovation
HIMSS Analytics