STEPS to Value Podcast

Episode #51: Transforming Data into Intelligence

In healthcare, we are drowning in a sea of data, one that continues to rise unrelentingly.   Instead of drowning, how can we navigate this data towards useful intelligence?  How can we turn that intelligence into better health outcomes, more satisfied patients and providers, lowered costs devoted to caring for a population rapidly aging across the globe?


Welcome to Steps to Value, the people process and technology podcast from HIMSS. In this episode, we explore the impact of clinical and business intelligence on the delivery of healthcare with Dr. Carla Kriwet, CEO of Connected Care and Health Informatics at Philips.  Carla shares her perspective on the current state of interoperability, physician satisfaction, patient engagement and more.  Carla tells us why this current digital health transformation feels different from those in the past.   


This Episode’s Guest:

Carla Kriwet, PhD

CEO, Connected Care and Health Informatics

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