Code Red: HIMSS' Cybersecurity Podcast

Episode #7: Establishing Effective Cybersecurity Governance


When it comes to cybersecurity, the enemy holds many advantages.  They run the timetable.  They establish the rules of engagement.  And in a culture that exults the bandit, the pirate, and the hacker, they find many fellow travelers in dark places, on the web and in the world.   But for every bandit there is a sheriff.  This age is no different.  Rather than wearing badges and walking dusty wooden sidewalks, today’s cybersecurity sheriffs wear suits and roam the network, looking for vulnerabilities to fix before they are exploited.  Rather than protecting the townsfolk with a steady hand and trusty Colt, today’s cybersecurity sheriffs wield effective governance plans and the leadership to convince their organization that lazy passwords and curious clicks are the keys to the loot that bandits are riding off into the sunset with today. 

Welcome HIMSS’s new health IT cybersecurity podcast, Code Red. Code Red focuses on cybersecurity challenges facing health care today & tomorrow, featuring the voices of the people on the front lines. The goal of the podcast is to explore the interplay between the people, processes & technologies that make up an organization’s cybersecurity posture from both a leadership & skills-based perspective.  In today’s episode, we will explore how to successfully design and implement effective cybersecurity governance with 2016 Chicago CISO of the Year, Todd Fitzgerald, Global Director Information Security for Grant Thornton International.  Time to hop on your horse and ride…

This Episode’s Guest

Todd Fitzgerald
Chief Information Security Officer

Grant Thornton International, Ltd.
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Follow Todd on Twitter: @SecurityFitz
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This Episode’s Audience Ask

What lessons has your orgnazation learned about an effective cybersecurity governance structure? Send us a voice memo from your smart phone with your thoughts. You can send them to and we will play them on the air at the end of our next episode.