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China Medical University Hospital Becomes First in Taiwan to Receive Davies Award

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China Medical University Hospital, a world’s leading hospital with artificial intelligence solutions to improve care delivery, was recognized as a 2023 HIMSS Davies Award recipient. It is the first hospital in Taiwan with the distinction.

Based in Taichung City, Taiwan, CMUH leverages AI and other technological advances to accelerate and enhance patient care in multiple care settings. Notably, CMUH created an AI-assisted visualized data-integrated diagnostic and risk tool, ARDiTeX, which identifies acute respiratory distress syndrome — a high mortality complication of COVID-19 — and drives the rapid deployment of life-saving clinical interventions. These timely interventions have improved the ARDS patient survival rate by 20%, significantly reducing patient mortality.

CMUH also leveraged an AI-assisted diagnostic tool in ambulance services to detect ST-elevation myocardial infarction while a patient is enroute to the hospital, accelerating the revascularization treatment. At the emergency department, the AI-assisted ECG diagnostic coupled with a high-risk scoring system to calculate an "ASAP” score — which identifies high-risk patients presenting with atypical symptoms — allows providers to prepare emergency clinical interventions and ensures the most rapid response upon patient arrival. These interventions have resulted in a significant drop in the in-hospital mortality rate among patients with ST- elevation myocardial infarction over the past three years.

Finally, to accelerate the diagnosis of the onset of sepsis, CMUH developed a comprehensive antimicrobial AI platform, i.A.M.S, which provides personalized antibiogram, sepsis and mortality risk prediction and monitoring, multidrug-resistant organism detection/prediction, and intelligent antibiotic clinical decision support systems. The i.A.M.S platform aided in the 7.1% reduction of sepsis mortality.

China Medical University Hospital Case Studies

“We are honored to be recognized as the first Davies Award recipient in Taiwan,” said Dr. Der-Yang Cho, superintendent of China Medical University Hospital. “This collaborative effort lies in many innovative ways. For instance, within i.A.M.S, the original MALDI-TOF for strain identification can be extended to predict antimicrobial resistance.

“The AI-assisted STEMI triage system uses AI for real-time ECG interpretation, expanding care beyond the hospital. ARDiTeX merges imaging, lab data and ventilator information for instant detection and intervention.

“CMUH integrates medical data to design predictive tools that assist clinicians in enhancing care processes. Through the journey of digital transformation, we rescue more patients and uplift their quality of life.”

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