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HIMSS Launches Telehealth Community to Respond to Changing Health and Care Needs

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the first topic-based HIMSS Community in the EMEA region - the HIMSS Telehealth Community - in our aim to support and promote the importance of telehealth and its crucial role in the future of healthcare delivery.

In the framework of the renowned HIMSS Partner Innovation Exchange programme, the following founding members came together to launch the HIMSS Telehealth Community: the Center of Innovative Medical Technology at the Odense University Hospital in Denmark; the Norwegian Centre for eHealth Research; Digital Health & Care Scotland; UPMC Italy and HIMSS EMEA.

“Telehealth has traditionally been an area on the margins of health policy but its pivotal role in managing public health and providing continuity of care, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the health delivery overall, has been made ever more apparent with the advancement of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Angela Velkova, Director of Communities and Strategic Relations, EMEA at HIMSS.

“The goal of the HIMSS Telehealth Community is to create a unified voice for telehealth professionals across all health and care fields, enable exchange of knowledge, innovation and best practice in the area and, with this, increase recognition of telehealth solutions to deliver and make improvements to care.”

The official launch of the HIMSS Telehealth Community will be aired during the Telehealth Implementation Masterclass taking place at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 Europe Digital Event, September 8, 11.00-11.45h CET. This Masterclass will look into how to scale up telehealth, identifying relevant worldwide studies and extracting information concerning clinical effectiveness, patient perception and implementation challenges.

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