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HIMSS Market Insights Delivers Cutting-Edge, Actionable Information to Healthcare Communities

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Market Insights, a HIMSS Solution, offers full-service, end-to-end quantitative and qualitative industry analysis in real time, representing the voices of customers, patients, hospital executives, IT decision makers, payers, clinicians and more.

Market Insights provides an unbiased view of the industry, putting current and proprietary data at the center of the conversation.

Led by 15-year market intelligence veteran Lauren Goodman, this business-to-business and patient intelligence service delivers cutting-edge solutions to healthcare communities.

Market Insights is available as a full-service offering or a subscription service launching later this year. Reports and analysis drive global strategy and custom thought leadership, which have a wide range of revenue generating uses. Market Insights supports digital health transformation beyond adoption to advocate for outcomes-driven solutions for the global health ecosystem.

HIMSS launched Market Insights in 2017, originally named Market Intelligence. The department has more than 30 years of experience. Clientele includes Fortune 100 organizations, organizations dedicated to health information and technology, consulting firms, hospitals and health systems. In the past 12 months, HIMSS Market Insights has been mentioned in a wide variety of publications including Forbes, Business Insider, HealthLeaders and the American Hospital Association Center for Innovation.

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How Market Insights Drive Thought Leadership and Strategy

HIMSS offers custom surveys to put the voice of your customer at the center of your business. Join this webinar to hear directly from Lauren Goodman, Senior Director of Market Insights, and learn how to inform your marketing strategy, align your brand with innovative ideas and gather in-depth market intelligence on important topics.

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