St. Louis-based Health Care System Uses Workflow Tools to Increase Daily Charting Productivity by 150%

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Source: HIMSS

Mercy recognized several patterns in the care continuum, quality metrics, and payment denials indicating that medical documentation was not accurately reflecting the sickness of their patients or the quality of their care. After closer review of patient records, they confirmed that the patterns were the result of inaccurate documentation. While the aim was accurate documentation, Mercy’s medical documentation specialists (MDS) program also helped to improve patient care. By bringing together people, process, and technology, Mercy was able to implement a solution that provides accurate documentation in an efficient and timely manner, standardizes workflows with best practices, and provides actionable data to enhance communication with physicians. The MDS Operational Analytic Tool and the Secondary Diagnosis Report provides MDS users a standardized workflow process across the organization. The new standard process has increased productivity from 10 to 25 charts per day and promoted accurate clinical documentation throughout the medical record thanks to complaint methodologies.

Facility State/Region: OH

Facility country: United States

Award: Davies

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Sub Classifications: Electronic Secure Data

Facility Type: Health Care System

Citation: HIMSS (2016). HIMSS Davies Case Study