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Healthcare Landscape Reshaped by Digital Health Transformation

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For both clinicians and the public, the wake of COVID-19 has ushered in different expectations of healthcare delivery, and this reshaping of the global landscape will endure far beyond the pandemic. 

The majority of the world’s citizens seek health services within their communities. To meet this trend, HIMSS developed the Community Care Outcomes Maturity Model (C-COMM), designed to address a more comprehensive array of non-acute care settings in the community, measuring foundational elements of digital maturity to improve care delivery and outcomes.  

C-COMM will launch in Europe at the HIMSS23 European Health Conference & Exhibition, slated for 7-9 June in Lisbon, Portugal. Registration for HIMSS23 is open, with flexible options for healthcare professionals. 

People now expect healthcare support through digital services, but many of the digital health support systems created quickly throughout the public health emergency aren’t sustainable. But Digital health transformation is the key to maintaining and advancing healthcare capabilities; it enables organizations to create lasting change in the global health ecosystem. Learn more about how HIMSS is driving digital health transformation. 

Hospitals and health systems across Europe are turning to digital health transformation to better meet the needs of their communities, realize greater operational efficiencies, adhere to regulatory and security demands, and grow across practices and populations. 

In the EMEA region, more than 3,000 acute care institutions since 2010 have been scored on the , HIMSS’s flagship maturity model. EMRAM measures clinical outcomes, patient engagement and clinician use of Electronic Medical Record technology to strengthen organizational performance and health outcomes across patient populations.

More than 200 institutions in 15 EMEA countries have reached the top two highest stages — Stage 6 and Stage 7 — on HIMSS maturity models.  

HIMSS is working with more than 67,000 institutions worldwide, with its Digital Health Indicator and HIMSS Maturity Models to create tailored, comprehensive strategies to meet specific needs and priorities. HIMSS partnerships support the health of over 830 million individuals in 50 countries. 

HIMSS23 European Health Conference: Health That Connects + Tech That Cares

June 7-9, 2023 | Lisbon

HIMSS23 in Lisbon is the most influential health information and technology conference of the year – where healthcare leaders meet to build relationships, learn from experts in hot topic educational sessions and discover innovative health tech products to solve their greatest challenges.

Join us at HIMSS23 Europe

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