Population and Public Health

Pioneering Change in Information Sharing During COVID-19

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Listen in as the HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community digs into the harsh realities around healthcare interoperability brought to light by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the development and distribution of three FDA-approved vaccines, and others on the horizon, seamless transmission of patient data between the necessary exchange partners, patient control of personal health data and the delivery of education are key to a successful and speedy rollout. In this roundtable, we sit down with representatives from innovative and ambitious organizations that seek to bridge the gaps currently hindering the flow of patient information while simultaneously aiding in the response to COVID-19 with critical efficiency, clarity and compassion.

Learning Objectives

After this Roundtable, attendees should be able to: 

  • Discuss how the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are accelerating efforts across the health ecosystem to improve interoperability and information sharing. 
  • Describe digital innovations and strategies for the essential transferal of patient data to draw actionable conclusions and optimize vaccination efforts.
  • Recognize opportunities to address issues that impede public health access to vital information.


  • Andrea Sorensen, CEO, Liiingo
  • Silas Buchanan, CEO, Institute for eHealth Equity
  • Renee Smith, Global Senior Director IT Strategy & Planning, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Jacob Reider, CEO, Alliance for Better Health

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