Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum

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    Monday, August 9
    $350 Early Bird | $350 Advanced | $400 Standard
    Additional registration required. Networking breakfast and lunch provided.

    COVID-19 has turned healthcare security on its head. Since early 2020, security leaders at health systems, hospitals and other provider organizations have grappled with the fast-moving demands the pandemic has thrust upon them.

    At the Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum, attendees will learn how leading provider organizations are protecting healthcare’s expanding digital footprint and securing data inside and outside the hospital, including technologies that enable more patient-centric care, such as telehealth, remote monitoring and wearables.

    Transformation and security must go hand-in-hand. Global health security is a critical patient safety issue. 

    Topics include:

    • COVID-19’s impact on healthcare security
    • Medical device, IoT security
    • Security and transformation
    • Cloud security
    • Safeguarding and enabling innovation
    • Vulnerability management
    • Endpoint security
    • Protecting data at rest and in transit
    • Incident response 

    Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum Sessions

    Cybersecurity Hygiene: What Is It?
    Wynn, Encore Ballroom Details
    Cyber Scan: The Current Threat Landscape
    Wynn, Encore Ballroom Details
    Creative Ways to Manage Ransomware
    Wynn, Encore Ballroom Details
    Medical Device Security: Bad, Better, Best
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