Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum

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    Mitigating Cyber Threats Risks Across the Healthcare Enterprise: Strategies that Protect Lives  

    March 11, 2024 | 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

    In the era of telehealth and remote care becoming integral to healthcare delivery, the risk of cyber threats has surged to an all-time high. Healthcare organizations must remain vigilant and well-prepared to anticipate and respond to these threats. Adopting a posture of "When, Not If" is crucial for security professionals and others to ensure effective strategies are in place to thwart malicious attacks. 

    Enterprise health systems, hospitals, and other provider organizations must continue to evolve their strategies and invest in resources to innovate their systems and stay ahead of security threats.  A healthcare organization’s best defense against a cyber-attack is a trained vigilant staff across the healthcare setting.   

    Forum attendees will gain insights into how industry leaders safeguard healthcare's expanding digital landscape, ensuring the security of data both within and outside of healthcare facilities. This includes technologies that promote patient-centric care, such as telehealth, remote monitoring, wearables, and more. 

    Learning Objectives: 

    • Assess the current and future threat landscape across the healthcare enterprise 
    • Identify the latest trends and strategies in the medical device security ecosystem 
    • Recognize best practices in applied security measures that protect and facilitate patient care delivery 
    • Examine the last developments in cloud security technologies designed to protect both patients and providers  
    • Determine ways to secure existing processes while enabling innovation 
    • Stay updated on effective strategies for vulnerability management 
    • Address contemporary challenges in endpoint security with an eye on future-proofing the healthcare enterprise 
    • Develop a strategic approach to secure data at rest and in transit 
    • Explore the latest strategies in cyber incident response