7 - 9 June, 2023
| Lisbon
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European Projects Meet HIMSS Communities

Pitch & Network Reception

The first time HIMSS creates this momentum: doing a little more of the things that move us forward in Europe.

This is the perfect opportunity to present a project, get feedback, actionable insights and connections to develop partnerships with a representation of the healthcare ecosystem brought by our HIMSS Communities. If you are working on a EU Project and interested, please contact Loida.Lleonart@himss.org to learn more.



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Label2Enable is an EU-funded project promoting the adoption of a health app quality label based on CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2. The label displays the results of a health app assessment at a glance, covering four quality aspects: 1) healthy and safe; 2) easy to use; 3) secure data; 4) robust build.  

HIMSS is partnering with 13 other organizations on Label2Enable. Label2Enable delivers what stakeholders need to trust, use, and adopt the label and related health app quality report as a way to create, and (consider to) recommend, use, and reimburse high quality health apps. The project engages with app manufacturers, patients/citizens, health care authorities, health care professionals, certification bodies and app libraries through consultation events, surveys and co-creation activities. 

Label2Enable will participate in two sessions in Lisbon:

  • Wednesday 7 June at 13:00
    “Unleashing the Potential of Digital Health Apps and Digital Therapeutics"
  • Wednesday 7 June at 18:00
    “European Projects meet HIMSS Communities. Pitch & Network Reception”



Label2Enagle logo

The Gravitate Health mission is to equip and empower citizens with digital information tools that make them confident, active, and responsive in their patient journey, specifically encouraging safe use of medicines for better health outcomes and quality of life. 40 leading partners, including HIMSS, from civil society, academia and industry in 15 countries have joined forces to develop these novel, patient-focused healthcare information tools. The Gravitate Lens (G-Lens), which focuses (but does not conceal or filter) approved electronic product information (ePI) content, and offers a route for patients to access trustworthy, up-to-date information that better meet their individual needs. 

Gravitate Health will participate in 3 sessions in Lisbon:

  • Wednesday 7 June at 18:00
    • “European Projects meet HIMSS Communities. Pitch & Network Reception”
  • Thursday 8 June at 12:00
    • “Gravitate Health Open session”
  • Thursday 8 June at 13:45
    • “Person enabled care in action; engaging patients in the digital experience”


DIGIT-PRE is a unique support programme designed to offer services and access to demonstration living labs and test beds for innovative digital solutions for prevention, prediction and remote care. Learn more


EDAH is working to develop a joint action plan to bridge the current digital health roll-out gap in Europe.

The aim of the project is to foster the dialogue and development towards more inclusive, dynamic, (gender) diverse and interconnected innovation ecosystems in Europe to reach the European common data space in health. Learn more


Healthcare Transformation Academy, HealthcareTA, is an initiative within EUHA, European University Hospital Alliance. The pan-European academy is backed by a consortium of university hospitals and partners. The academy will educate healthcare professionals in transformative skills such as innovation management, leadership development and high value care, tailored to meet the needs of its learners.

The Healthcare Transformation Academy aims to improve the transformation skills of healthcare staff. Learn more

X-eHealth Project

X-eHealth stands herein for a project of strategic relevance for tomorrow’s European eHealth Union. Assembling a shared commitment of 47 health actors, the underlying idea of this project is to develop the basis for a workable, interoperable, secure and cross border Electronic Health Record exchange Format in order to lay the foundation for the advance of eHealth sector while using the 3 pillars put forward by the EC as reference. Learn more

HIMSS Communities

Engage with fellow community members at Europe’s most influential in-person healthcare event, the HIMSS23 European Health Conference & Exhibition.